Tethered Drone

Intended for use as a camera platform, the tethered drone is suitable for commercial, civil and military applications, offering 360° oversight on military targets, border crossing points, accident scenes, fire incidents etc.

Able to stay aloft indefinitely, the tethered drone can reach 100m height; the power is sent up the tether, as are the control signals and camera data. It is unaffected by many anti-drone technologies and is radio silent. A control module is available to allow the drone to be pulled along behind a vehicle.

  • A FLIR camera can be integrated for thermal imaging.
  • The control has been simplified to make the drone safe and easy to use by unskilled operators.
  • A powerful LED floodlight attachment can also be utilised.
Military Grade Tethered Drone

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EELTEX will be attending the UAV Technology Show in London  28th – 29th September 2020.

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