Military Photoluminescent Products

EELTEX® offers a full range of military photoluminescent products; strip tape and safety signs for use in maritime applications (with SOLAS/IMO/Lloyd’s accreditation), vehicle applications for use in MRAP MATV and combat vehicles (with BSI accreditation) and for building structures where egress, safety and hazard marking signage is required.

Self-Adhesive Photoluminescent Strip Tape
Manufactured with premium Strontium Aluminate materials, the photoluminescent strip tape is ready to work straight from the roll so safety markings can be rapidly applied.

  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Ready to use
  • Satin/matt HD finish
  • Strontium Aluminate materials offer higher levels of luminance.

Photoluminescent Paint
This paint is ideal for painting low-level safety path-ways to illuminate escape routes under power failure or in situations when smoke obscure the ceiling lights.

Photoluminescent Safety Signs
The loss of power and illumination in the event of an incident can cause panic and confusion for the evacuee. Safety signs are essential to locate, identify and instruct on fire safety management. When applied in the correct manner these signs can make a major difference in an emergency situation.

Photoluminescent Stairway and Level / Floor Identification
Stairway and floor signs are required to ensure evacuees can quickly identify floor levels and emergency exits.

We stock various options, so please call or fill in our contact form, requesting a call at a convenient date and time to discuss your usage and requirements.

Military Photoluminescent Products -Self-Adhesive Photoluminescent Strip Tape

Self-Adhesive Photoluminescent Strip Tape

Military Photoluminescent Products - Photoluminescent Paint

Photoluminescent Paint

Military Photoluminescent Products - Photoluminescent Safety Signs

Photoluminescent Safety Signs

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