Military Lighting Systems

EELTEX® provide high specification, ruggedized LED lighting systems across all platforms for military and harsh environment applications.

LED products offer improved reliability with a higher MTBF (mean time between failures) compared to traditional florescent or incandescent lighting. Upgrading or switching to LED technology will provide energy efficiency and can provide cost and component weight savings.

The EELTEX lighting range includes commercial off the shelf products for both reset upgrades and new build programmes and bespoke design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing services. Our team of experienced specialist engineers are available to offer informed advice and knowledge to help you with your requirements.

military lighting systems

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With our flexible approach to our service offering, we can provide experience and expertise at any key stage to support your project or help with the entire project life-cycle.

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Customers Commitment

EELTEX is committed to delivering military lighting expertise and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We diligently operate a quality management system accredited with the BS EN ISO9001 standard.

We ensure that our products are fit for purpose, meet exact specification and comply with the relevant national or international standards.

Our R&D programmes are devised to provide innovation, improve product and manufacturing efficiency. The comprehensive research and development unit is ideal for prototype development which is supported by our design and manufacturing and test facilities located in Devon and through EELTEX Inc in the US.

Our highly skilled team brings expertise across a range of disciplines from technical engineering, lighting design, lighting control system development, project management, testing, certification to manufacturing and installation.

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