Escape Route Lighting

The EELTEX® Cormorant Marine Lighting System combines background lighting with an Emergency Egress Lighting System (EELS). The system is specifically designed with modular components to ensure compatibility with military vessels.

As with military land platforms, sea vessels and amphibious vehicle are exposed to the risks associated with crew survivability and emergency egress in both training, and operation environments. Legislation states that all vessels must provide emergency lighting for internal crew working and living areas.

The Cormorant System is designed to maximise the survivability of the crew by automatically illuminating all vessels escape hatches, handles and vital escape and buoyancy equipment. The specially located LED alert lights are also utilized as an ambient background light often used as night lighting. The whole system is fitted with an overriding black out mode.

The Cormorant System comprises of several standard modular elements; various alert lights, impulse detector, rollover sensor, water sensor and rechargeable batteries that collectively make a tailored vessel egress lighting system.

All components are designed to comply with DEF-STAN and MIL-STD for the DOD and UK MOD requirements.

  • Emergency lighting system combined with a background lighting system provides multi-functionality instead of extensive hardware.
  • Ambient lighting can improve the crew’s wellbeing, spatial awareness and knowledge as to where the escape routes are located.
  • Modular design for optimised, customised light scenarios all over the vessel.
  • High-performance LED technology and intelligent electronics.
  • Numerous trials have been conducted on photoluminescent and electroluminescent charged strip tape – findings clearly show that the products are not fit for purpose through smoke and water. LED lights permeate far better in turbid environments.
Escape Route Lighting - Military Aircraft Carrier
Escape Route Lighting - military ship
Escape Route Lighting - military fleet

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