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Saft Xcelion 6T batteries for military ground vehicles.           

The Saft Xcelion 6T battery is designed as a more economical option for low-current, 48V continuous cycling applications, developed for the defence industry.

Xcelion® product line and meets the stringent standards for both the UK and U.S. military ground vehicles. Saft’s Xcelion 6T batteries offer higher capacity, longer life cycle, longer calendar life, lighter weight, and smart battery capabilities compared to standard lead-acid batteries.

It is designed to meet MIL-PRF-32565 Rev B and provides unsurpassed cold-cranking performance and safety. The Saft Xcelion 6T battery is an off-the-shelf solution with a nominal voltage of 26.4 volts and is the only Li-ion battery that meets cold temperature performance requirements (1,100 amps at -18 C° for 30 seconds with no pre-heating and 400 amps at -40 C° for 30 seconds with no pre-heating).

This ruggedized battery uses Saft’s proprietary Super-Phosphate® chemistry (lithium-iron-phosphate technology) which offers many benefits over legacy technologies. The battery also has a battery management system (BMS), and unlike lead-acid batteries, smart battery features enable communication with the end-user which provides information about the battery state of health, state of charge, and other functions.

Applications for the Xcelion 6T  include military ground vehicles, defense systems and microgrids.

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