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Staff volunteer to assist with the efforts to provide PPE for the COVID-19 pandemic

April 2020 has seen a rapid increase in COVID-19 infections globally, and the concern about the shortage of personal protective equipment PPE for front line healthcare workers has also broadened. EELTEX has joined a growing number of UK companies with manufacturing capabilities by voluntarily switching their production lines to make PPE in an effort to address the UK shortages.

Collaborating with Phil Rydin-Orwin of Senapsis, we are able to use our laser cutting machinery to cut and supply the PETG sheet material used in facial guards. The facial guards have been donated to support health and care workers at a number of ambulance stations and other facilities. Discussions are ongoing with care homes in the Tiverton region in the hope that our facial guards can assist them in the days to come as the UK approaches the peak of the COVID-19 infections.

“EELTEX are pleased that we are able to support our staff to volunteer their time and expertise to assist with the efforts to provide PPE to support health and care workers. During the coronavirus pandemic, while we have capacity to contribute towards this effort, whether through facilities, equipment, manpower or materials we shall do proudly. Big thank you to all that have been involved in this initiative, for their community spirit and tenacity during these challenging times.”
Alan Thornton, CEO, EELTEX

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